Centres of Excellence

At the main plenary session on “industry – institution connections” of the Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam (April 23-27, 2012), the digital-earth.eu Call for Centres of Excellence was launched by the session chair, Karl Donert, in his opening address.

European institutions and experts in learning and teaching digital-earth are invited to apply for accreditation as a digital-earth.eu Centre of Excellence or digital-earth.eu Expert.

Call for applications

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The digital-earth.eu project examines the use of geographic media in schools and teacher education. Geo-media is the visualisation of information from different media sources and is concerned with digital content and its processing based on place, position and location. Many geographic media are widely used for navigation and routing purposes. Cartographic communication has never been so easy to implement, therefore 21st century school education needs to include geo-media into daily work. Innovative approaches to teaching and learning are needed to study environments from local to global scale. The digital-earth.eu network links innovative centres around Europe where geo-media use is well developed. Products, resources, experiences and ideas are shared between the centres and opened to the public wherever possible. A digital-earth.eu infrastructure is under development. The European Centre and an accredited network of national and regional Centres of Excellence are developing an online catalogue of materials, courses, publications, links and good practice scenarios, and are publishing a series of core publications.

Accredited Centres of Excellence (2013-4)

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Name Country/region    Contact Email 
European Centre of Excellence Europe Karl Donert eurogeomail@yahoo.co.uk
digital:earth:at Austrian Centre Austria Thomas Jekel thomas.jekel@sbg.ac.at
Hellenic Centre Greece Nikos Labrinos labrinos@eled.auth.gr
Cologne Digital-Earth Centre Germany Daniela Schmeinck Daniela.Schmeinck@uni-koeln.de
EduGIS digital-earth.nl Centre Netherlands Henk Trimp henktrimp@anaximander.nl
University of Ghent, Belgian Centre Belgium Luc Zwartjes Luc.Zwartjes@UGent.be
GIS-Station, Klaus-Tschira-
Kompetenzzentrum für digitale Geomedien
Germany Ulrich Michel Ulrich.Michel@gmx.net
UNEP-GRID Warsaw Poland Ela Wołoszyńska ela@gridw.pl
Real Sociedad Geográfica Spain Maria-Luisa de Lazaro mllazaro@ghis.ucm.es
IFE Centre of Excellence Lyon France Eric Sanchez eric.sanchez@ens-lyon.fr
digital-earth.ee Estonian Centre Estonia Juri Roosaare juri.roosaare@ut.ee
digital earth Bulgarian Centre Bulgaria Antonia Gerdjeva antonia.gerdjeva@gmail.com
digital-earth. Solothurn Centre Switzerland Raymond Treier raymond.treier@gawnet.ch
Five Ways Geographical Support Centre United Kingdom Bob Lang